STABILO Woody Solid-Paint Pencils for Windows, Crafts, Wellies, Cardboard Boxes, Whiteboards...

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  • Chunky pencils that are easy for little hands to use.
  • Solid paint in a wooden pencil - the eco alternative to paint sticks!
  • They give fantastic colour-coverage for vibrant pictures.
  • The work well on glass (and wipe off again!)
  • Add water and a paintbrush to use as paint.
  • Use on balloons, stones, car windows when travelling, jars, cloth, leaves, skin (with water)
  • Layer them up then scrape a pattern


What it contains

1 cardboard box with either:

  • 6 colours: red, yellow, blue, green, brown, pale pink; or
  • 10 colours: red, orange, yellow, lime, blue, turquoise, green, brown, black, pale pink.


Feel great about where it comes from

These wooden pencils are made in Germany. Packaged in a PEFC-certified cardboard box. No plastic whatsoever.


Feel great about you and your child using it

Really great for all ages under close supervision, not a size or shape that poses a choking hazard, but technically they are age 3+ because a broken piece of lead could be swallowed (it's non-toxic but those are the rules for age-grading toys)

Don't forget your sharpener! We've sourced German-made wooden ones that fit these chunky pencils perfectly.

These go wonderfully with our 3D colour-in cardboard toys.

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