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10:00-6:00 Tuesday

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Closed - Sunday & Monday

Welcome to Flourish Minimal Waste Grocery!  We are delighted to announce the opening of our new retail shop, nestled right in the heart of Raheny Village!  .We are so excited to see you again and to welcome you to the new home of Minimal Waste Grocery!


What's in a name?  

We believe that while fear can be an effective motivator for change, it is often a poor navigator, and can leave us feeling hopeless and defeated.  And hopelessness won't help us find the creative and innovative solutions we need for the best future.

When our friend Jennie courageously started Minimal Waste Grocery over five years ago she deliberately chose a name that she believed reflected a realistic path towards positive change, rather than the fearful trudge of unattainable goals.  And we've tried our best to build on that positive ethos of potential.  

Our ancestors used a special word to describe the undeniable beauty that emerges when something reaches its innate potential.  Flourish. Whether a spring blossom at its rosiest peak, or a distant star whose twinkle captures the grateful eye, the rich velvet of great chocolate, or that perfect moment around the family table...we all know flourishing when we experience it.  

Flourishing is about recognising potential, growing together and celebrating all the good things along the way.  Flourishing means eating better, shopping smarter, and being more mindful of the people who produce our food. Flourishing means feeling better, sharing what we have, and learning to be better stewards of this world. Flourishing means being honest about the important environmental issues we face, while also claiming the differences we can make when we work together.  Flourishing means starting where we can and encouraging each other on the journey. 

We are excited to welcome you to our shop.  Let's "fill good" and Flourish, together!  




 You will find our new shop at:

10a Main Street, Raheny, D05 F9P8, down the little laneway behind Bread Naturally and Bowls Healthy Eating.


Click HERE to view our location on Google maps.