Plant-based Dental Floss w/ dispenser by TIO - 50 metres

Plant-based Dental Floss w/ dispenser by TIO - 50 metres

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***This is the same TIO floss with a new, reusable container. Save this container and refill next time.***

TIO dental floss – fully plant-based and housed in a minimal cardboard packaging – removes plaque between teeth and below the gumline before brushing. Take about 30 cm, wrap the ends around your fingers, use the floss as described here and take a fresh section of the floss for each tooth gap.

  • 50m, waxed

  • with natural mint

  • with organic coconut oil

  • scented with natural mint

TIO's yarn consists of 100% renewable raw materials and is based on castor oil. It’s extracted from seeds of the fast-growing wonder tree. Castor oil is a completely renewable resource that does not require large amounts of water, uses only a small acreage of farmland and is therefore perfectly suited for a future of sustainable agriculture.

Even the spool’s core is made of sugar cane and is recyclable. So after use just put it in the recycling bin and give the material a chance to be brought back to life for another round of use.

Their packaging is made of FSC® certified cardboard and can easily be recycled. In addition, we compensate for all production-related emissions by supporting climate protection projects.