Organic Brazil Nuts - 100g

Organic Brazil Nuts - 100g

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Brazil nuts are actually helping to save - and even regrow the Amazonian rain forests!

Really.  Saving the rain forest.

More aptly named, Brazil seeds, these delicious packets of nutrition grow in groups of 15-20 inside the cannonball sized fruit of enormous trees native to Central and South America.  They have a very unique flower structure which can only be pollinated by certain species of very strong bees which are also native to these same areas.  This special symbiosis between the trees and their bees means that the Brazil nut trees are extremely susceptible to deforestation and other human exploitations.


Soil matters too.  When these trees are grown elsewhere they lack Selenium.  This rare mineral is a powerful antioxidant which may reduce risk of cancer and heart disease, and supports thyroid function.  Selenium may also ahem some rare benefits for cognitive health, as several studies have revealed that Alzheimer’s patients displayed low levels of Selenium in their blood.  All these help make the nuts so prized and nutritionally unique.


Real, rain forest-grown Brazil nuts are one of a few crops that are valuable enough to persuade rain forest natives to cultivate them, rather than cut them down to plant more traditional crops.  And not just leave the existing trees, but also invest in the future of the forests and their crops by planting new Brazil nut trees as well.  Thus, actually INCREASING THE RAIN FOREST!


It turns out that a very rare and special tree - bee partnership that is really sensitive to exploitation is also rare and special enough to help reverse that exploitation!

And, they’re so yummy too!

Origin: Bolivia

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