Organic Dried Mango “Cheeks” - 100g

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If you’re a fan of our mango strips, meet their thicker and juicier cousins!  These mango “cheeks” are just a touch sweeter and moist but still have that one-of-a-kind mango zing.  We did a thorough customer taste test at the market the last few weeks and these received rave reviews.  But some of you said you would miss the tangier and thinner mango strips.  So, we now stock both!  We figure, the more mango, the merrier!

Check out the photos to see how they compare to our mango strips.


Mangos have been cultivated in Southeast Asia and India since ancient times.  Now grown in warmer climates around the world, mangos (or mangoes) are a vibrant and beloved feature in many cultures.  So loved in India, that even though they produce nearly half of the world's mangos each year, they export only 1%...they eat the rest!

Mangos are a stone fruit with a thick, inedible skin, but hidden inside is a treasure trove of sweet tanginess, and rich nutrition!  Mangos are high in vitamins A and C, and are loaded with antioxidants. 

They are a great source of magnesium and potassium, which are connected to lower blood pressure and a regular pulse. Mangos are the source of a compound known as mangiferin, which some studies suggest may reduce inflammation of the heart.  Only a 5 x 5cm slice of mango packs enough goodness to count as one of your "5 a day" fruit portions, and 2 grams of fibre, helping stabilize your digestive system.

Our organic dried mango cheeks contain all this tangy goodness - and nothing else.  No dodgy additives, just mango.  Enjoy!



Origin: Burkina Faso

Best before: 6/24

Batch: 04-38-04-04