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Makemaki - Wooden Sushi Skill Game for 2 players for age 6+

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Grab your chopsticks and make your maki! Who will be the quickest Sushi Chef? Makemaki is a test of speed and skill between two Sushi Chefs. Position your mat, 2 chopsticks and half of the available ingredients in front of you. Draw the required recipe from the deck of cards.

Let the challenge begin! The winning chef is the fastest chef to create the required maki on his or her mat, as per the card and using only chopsticks!

What it contains: 8 ingredients made of coloured wood (100% FSC®) to make 6 maki, 2 felt green mats, 2 pairs of bamboo chopsticks, 33 cards with recipes and the instructions

Feel great about where it comes from:

  • Raw materials from Europe? Yes - Europe
  • Organic? Yes - not certified
  • Manufactured in Europe? Yes - Italy
  • What's it made from? Sustainability-certified wood
  • What's it packaged in? Cardboard Box with plastic window
  • Shipping packaging from manufacturer to us: Cardboard
  • Plastic-free? Yes, except packaging includes a plastic window
  • Vegan? Yes - not certified
  • Free from testing on animals? Yes
  • Reused upcycled or recycled? No

Feel great about where it goes after you've used it:

  • Biodegradable / compostable? No
  • Reusable / refillable? No
  • Recyclable? Yes

Feel great about you and your child using it:

  • Great for ages: 6+
  • Shelf life: indefinite
  • Awards: TBC
  • Safety standards met: European toy safety standards (CE-marked) EN-71.1 - .2 - .8
  • Solvent-free? Yes
  • Gluten-free? Yes
  • Peanut-free? Yes
  • Soy-free? Yes
  • Lactose-free? Yes
  • Easy to wash-off clothes skin? N/A
  • Improvements we're working on in this product: We love it but we are looking forward to the packaging being changed to no plastic!
Care/use instructions: Simply wipe the quick-dry surfaces clean with soapy water.