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Binabo flexible construction strips made from plants for age 4+

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The first flexible construction toy we've found...and it's made in Europe from plants, not petroleum!!!

Each set comes with a booklet of step-by-step guides for a few builds, then lots of inspiration to start your creativity (and then, please carry on with your own ideas!) If you can imagine it, you can build it, with Binabo.


What it contains
Flexible construction strips and a booklet of tips, tricks, and inspiration - in a cardboard box or home-compostable bag


Feel great about where it comes from
  • Raw materials from Europe? Yes - Germany
  • Organic? Not sure, checking!
  • Manufactured in Europe? Yes - Germany
  • What's it made from? Flexible bioplastic - an innovative, carbon-neutral material made from the leftovers after sugarcane is harvested. It's carbon-neutral because plants absorb carbon as they grow - whereas petroleum-based plastic has a carbon footprint of up to 6 times its own weight in CO2. Bioplastic is fully recyclable at end of life along with petro-plastics. Think of it as FairTrade coffee - looks the same, tastes the same, but has a very different impact on the world because of how it's produced.
  • What's it packaged in? Cardboard box (Sustainability-certified*)
  • Shipping packaging from manufacturer to us: Cardboard only
  • Plastic-free? 100% free from petroleum-derived plastic - made from bioplastic, see above for the difference
  • Vegan? We believe so, checking
  • Animal-cruelty-free? Yes
  • Reused upcycled or recycled? No

* We're not allowed mention which certificate because of bizarre bureaucracy, for details search our site for 'Not allowed to say FSC'.

Feel great about where it goes after you've used it
  • Biodegradable / compostable? Packaging - yes! Toy itself - no (and that's good)! The benefit of bio-plastic is that it's carbon-neutral (unlike petro-plastic, making which emits 6 times its own weight in CO2 (a lot!)). Bio-plastic toys are durable and will last many childhoods of play - we wouldn't want them to biodegrade. But if/when they're no longer usable, they're fully recyclable along with petro-plastic toys.
  • Reusable / refillable? Very reusable
  • Recyclable? Yes in your home recycling bin (cardboard packaging), yes at a civic amenity center (the toy itself)


Feel great about you and your child using it
  • Great for ages: 4+ but I find older children tend to love this toy more at ages 7 and up through teens up to adults
  • Shelf life: Indefinite
  • Awards: Spiel Gut play value award winner
  • Safety standards met: European toy safety standards (CE marked)
  • Solvent-free? Yes
  • Gluten-free? N/A
  • Peanut-free? N/A
  • Soy-free? N/A
  • Lactose-free? N/A
  • Easy to wash-off clothes / skin? N/A
  • Improvements we're working on in this product: None, we think it's perfect! But let us know what you think!

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