Our Packaging

Ah, packaging - the eternal problem! Here are the packaging options you have when you shop online with us:

Brown Paper Bags

Our brown paper bags are made in Ireland from recycled paper. We seal them with brown paper tape that can be left on for recycling. These are intended as a temporary packaging solution, so you should decant your goods into airtight containers when you receive them.


BioBags are compostable bags made from non-GMO corn starch and polymers from renewable resources. While we acknowledge that bioplastics aren't the solution to the plastic packaging problem, they are a huge step in the right direction. Plus, these little guys can be reused plenty of times before they go to the big compost bin in the sky. 

Your Own Containers

If you avail of our personal delivery service, you can choose this option. Your first delivery will be packed in one of the other options above, then when we deliver, you can give us your containers to be filled for the next time, and the cycle begins!


All liquids are delivered in glass bottles and jars, which have been donated to us by customers and then sterilized before use by us.