Africa Dark Roast by Moyee Coffee (Ground) - 100g

Africa Dark Roast by Moyee Coffee (Ground) - 100g

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100% premium arabica. The princess of beans (if you don't mind) from the Limu region of Ethiopia. Delicate, fruity and silky smooth. 

  • Delicate jasmine, fruity and hints of citrus.
  • Single estate (washed) from Limu, Beletta Forest

Moyee Coffee is the world's first fairchain coffee. Let's explore that for a moment. Right now, 85% of total coffee value is pocketed by big coffee multinationals, leaving the coffee producing countries with only 15% of the value, of which only 2% is actual profit. Outrageous, I think you'll agree. 

Origin: Kenya

Best by: 03/02/2024

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