Valencia Almonds Blanched and Fried With Sea Salt - 100g

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Whatever you do, DON'T order our Valencia almonds.  Seriously.  Save yourself!  We can hardly stop eating them long enough to type.  Many of you have asked us about adding a salted snack to our collection and we've been on the lookout.  Through our rigorous taste testing we can assure you that these crunchy, tasty bite-sized wonders have garnered our most emphatic seal of approval.  The only downside?  We are completely hooked!!

So, consider yourself warned away from the absolute torture of these rich yet delicate, Spanish almonds lightly pan fried in sunflower oil and tossed with a little sea salt.  It's just tother way we put our customers' needs above our own...😘

Ingredients: almonds (blanched and skinless), sunflower oil, sea salt


Origin: Spain

Best before: 29/11/2024

Batch: 231117