Lemon Tea Conditioner Bar - Three Hills Soap (In original tin)

Lemon Tea Conditioner Bar - Three Hills Soap (In original tin)

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Be part of the solution to reduce the plastic pollution on our planet by using a rich conditioning solid conditioner for all hair types, which is eco-friendly & travel-friendly.

Our new natural conditioner bar “Lemon Tea”, is here for your beautiful and healthy hair, and that is one of the reasons why we have created a solid conditioner that will give your hair shine, nourishment, and easiness to comb and protection…. and, you control how much conditioning you need.

You will feel the effect immediately, and your hair will slip between your fingers.

Unlike other conditioner bars, this bar will not leave your hair greasy or filled with excess oils. Shea butter, apricot oil, and panthenol bind moisture and de-tangle, making the hair happy. The solid conditioner contains natural emulsifiers and waxes to have the correct consistency.

The conditioner is left uncoloured so that it isn’t confused with the shampoo bar, but if you shower in the dark, you are on your own.

These conditioners are economical as each bar keeps on working, lasting much longer than a bottle of liquid. Pack your bar in a tin and dry it between uses when travelling.

Active Ingredients in Conditioner:

  • BTMS–50 is a gentle emulsifying and conditioning agent. It leaves skin feeling silky smooth, conditions hair, and makes it easier to comb.
  • Cetearyl Alcohol is a fatty alcohol and is used as an emulsion stabiliser. It imparts a smooth, velvety feel to the skin. It leaves skin feeling moisturised, conditioned and soft.
  • Shea Butter is a particularly effective moisturiser because it contains so many fatty acids needed to retain skin moisture and elasticity, so it eliminates tangles and conditions of your hair.
  • Apricot Kernel Oil has excellent nourishing effects; it’s a beautiful emollient that makes hair and scalp softer and more pliable as it’s quickly absorbed. It’s a powerful antioxidant too.
  • D Panthenol improves hair quality, increases shine to hair and reduces hair breakage as it coats the hair and seals its surface, lubricating the hair shaft and making strands appear shiny. It increases the resistance to external influences such as blow-drying, ironing and hair dyeing.
  • Lemon Oil helps stimulate circulation in the scalp for increased hair growth.
  • Lime Essential Oil can greatly help improve the life of your hair as it makes them more radiant and glowing.
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil helps to unclog hair follicles and nourish the roots at the same time; this oil can also control excess oil produced in the scalp that can block hair follicles.

 How to Use the Conditioner:

  1. Wet your hair: Start by thoroughly wetting your hair in the shower or bath.

  2. Apply the conditioner bar: Rub it directly onto your hair, or lather it in your hands and apply it to your hair.

  3. Massage your hair: Gently massage the conditioner bar, especially on the ends and any dry or damaged areas.

  4. Rinse your hair: Rinse thoroughly with warm water to remove any remaining product.

  5. Store the conditioner bar: After use, store it in a dry place away from water to help it last longer.

Tips for using a conditioner bar:

  • If your hair is thick or curly, you may need to use more than someone with fine or straight hair.
  • To avoid tangling or pulling, comb or brush your hair before using the conditioner bar.
  • Some people find that leaving the conditioner bar in their hair for a few minutes before rinsing helps improve the overall conditioning effect.
  • If you’re new to using a conditioner bar, be patient and give your hair time to adjust. It may take a few washes to determine the right amount and application method for your hair type.

For more information, check out our post: The Complete Guide to Solid Conditioner Bars.

Packaging:  Aluminium Tin or in a Refill Form

NO Silicones

NO Petrochemicals

NO Phthalates

NO Artificial Colours or Fragrances

NO Harsh Chemicals

NO Parabens

NO Detergents (SLS/SLES)

Conditioner Bar Weight: 30g