Organic Medjool Dates - 100g

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Hi there, fancy a date?

Puns aside, have you tried Medjool dates?  These things are amazing!

Seriously, we often grab one of these rather than chocolate!

According to the experts, date palms were probably the first fruits cultivated by humans, most likely in Egypt and Mesopotamia.  These sweeties have been prized for so long and by so many different cultures that they are woven through the fabric of many cultures and religions.  Date palms were even a symbol of victory in the Roman Empire.  Medjool dates were first called, "The King of Dates" in Morocco because they were reserved for only the local nobility.   

When male and female date palms are planted side by side, the magic happens, and in early May the little green buds begin to appear below the tree's canopy.  Elongated green fruit begin to appear later in the summer which ripen to their deep coffee-brown colours by late August.  A well-attended tree can grow to 75 feet high and produce 10,000 dates in a single season!

Medjool dates, unlike their Deglet cousins, are so delicate and creamy inside that they must be harvested and processed BY HAND.  That's just one more reason to be filled with gratitude the next time we enjoy these special treats.

Dates are not only delicious, they are also chock full of vitamins and fibre.  Our organic Medjool dates are of exceptional quality and freshness.  They are much more soft and even sweeter than other dates.  They are also larger(5-8cm long) than our Deglet noir dates  and do contain their stones.  You'll get between 5-7 dates per 100 grams.

Origin: West Bank Israel

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