Kotanical Frankincense Hydrosol 50ml

Kotanical Frankincense Hydrosol 50ml

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Frankincense Hydrosol is the absolutely gorgeous aromatic water that is produced during the distillation process of frankincense essential oil. It can be used as a toner, a face mist, or a body mist and has many beneficial properties; it is wonderfully anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, lifting and tightening.

A little bit about Kotanical and its founder, Karl: they are the first and only company in Ireland to distill oil from natural native sources. Other companies just import the oils and bottle them in Ireland, but Karl looked around and saw the potential in plants grown in Ireland and lo! Kotanical was born.

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Note: as this item is sold zero waste (without packaging) it will be dispensed in whatever sterile glass jar is available free of charge.