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NEW - Organic 70% Dark Chocolate Drops - 100g

NEW - Organic 70% Dark Chocolate Drops - 100g

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What makes chocolate great?

The flavour, obviously!

We all have our favourite types of chocolate, our favourite percentages, shapes and recipes. 

Surely we're all had our decadent comfort moments of solitary chocolate binging, but isn't part of the joy of chocolate the sharing with others?  The, "Oh my goodness, you HAVE to try this chocolate________!"

And that gets us thinking, if chocolate can bring us so much en-joy-ment, shouldn't we want to share that joy?

What makes GREAT chocolate?

Great chocolate means that the people who grow the chocolate matter as much as the people who consume the chocolate.

Great chocolate means that the hard working people who farm cacao don't have to live in poverty.  Their families make a fair wage, and have the opportunities to plan for their future.  They can invest in their communities.

Great chocolate means fair chocolate.

We LOVE chocolate, and we are committed to working with producers like Vivani, and Barry Callebaut who are leading the movement towards truly great chocolate, not just the best tasting chocolate.  Our Vivani chocolate bars are child labor free, sustainably grown, organic, and even come in compostable packaging.  And Callebaut, who makes our delectable cooking chocolate chips and drops are committed to being fully sustainable, carbon POSITIVE, and fully eradicating child labour from their supply chains by 2025.

These are massive efforts and require complex solutions, but even here in Ireland we can do our part.


By choosing our chocolate carefully.

Because those who grow it matter as much as those who eat it.

Ingredients: Organic cocoa mass, organic cane sugar, emulsifier - organic soya lecithin.  Minimum cocoa 70.4%.  May contain milk.

* From Organic Farming.

Allergen Advice: May contain traces of Milk

Best before: 14/12/23

Made in France

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